Chapter 8: The vacation Part 2: The Collared Courtesan

After check-in formalities. They were shown to their place. It was a small beach facing duplex villa. The beach was calm, blue lined with white sand. Elevated from the beach level, stood a wooden porch. It had a sofa and a large table. The entrance led to an expansive living room with television and a huge sofa and table. There was a minibar with shelves full of liquors. There was a small but fully equipped kitchen and a dining area. There was a small bathroom with a shower and faucet. There were stairs to reach the upper floor which led to a passage. The passage led to a royal Master bedroom with a wooden floor and a huge bed. The room contained a huge sofa which was bigger than the one in the living room. On the other side was the entrance to the bathroom which was almost as big as the Master bedroom and had a huge bathtub and jacuzzi. Right opposite to the bed was a huge window which almost covered the whole wall. It was draped with heavy dark shaded curtains. On the other side of …

Chapter 7: The Vacation - Part 1: The Drive

They had finalized almost everything for their upcoming vacation. They decided to do a road trip to a beach location. She had taken care of everything. She booked a beach resort with a semi-private beach. She had planned out a lot of things.
She had placed orders for a load of dresses and costumes. She made sure she left all those housewife panties and bra at home. She was expecting to be a proper full-fledged slave to Him. She bought expensive and sexy bras, thongs, skirts, micro-bikinis, tops, summer dresses, and whatnot. A whole set of roleplay costumes including maid dress, a dirty little secretary costume, riding crop, cuffs, high heels. She had ordered some kinky things like an open-cup bra, crotchless panties, pantyhoses, lace garter, stocKings and a whole set of cosmetics and perfumes. She had also bought some collars and belts. She thought of it as a second honeymoon and prepared seriously for it. She wanted to please Him every moment of this vacation. She wanted to show Him t…