Māyā - Chapter 11: A Rainy Night

Days passed, but the memories of their vacation were still green in their minds, adding much-needed spark into their mundane city life like a sight of a sparkling oasis in the middle of a desert. She had laid beside him with her eyes staring at the void, fighting mentally against her sleeplessness, helplessly. Her weird desires of having someone else with whom she could share her feelings were only getting stronger. Her dreams too started getting more vivid as time passed. She almost reached a point where she couldn't suppress them anymore and started asking herself "Why couldn't this be a reality? What's so wrong about it?" Her chain of thoughts suddenly came to a dead-end when she heard a rumble of thunder. They had just slept and as usual, he was in deep sleep almost instantly. 

She walked towards the window. The rain had just begun. She blankly watched the raindrops splatter against the window and race against each other to reach the bottom. Light from the dim sodium lamp was struggling hard to pierce the dense darkness around it. Occasional flashes of lightning helped temporarily suppress the darkness. Everything that was happening there seemed like a metaphor for what she was undergoing emotionally. "Are these vacations, wild nights of raw passion just the flash of lightning which brighten my otherwise rainy life?" She thought to herself as she gazed at the window. As the downpour continued, she surrendered to her thoughts involuntarily. 

Sometimes she thought that it was a mistake to confess to him. All he did was ignore and be indifferent. Usually, her line of thought ended with a rhetorical "What could he even possibly do about this?" It wasn't too late in the night but the ominous clouds made it look darker than it was. A sharp sound of the doorbell ripped through the silence and created chaos in her mind. He woke up at the sound and looked at her. He quickly gathered that she might have found a hard time sleeping as usual. He grabbed his shorts and a shirt quickly and gestured at her that he would check it. He could hear the sound of thunder while he got down the stairs. The doorbell rang a couple more times till he reached the door. He opened the door and a lady was waiting on the other side. She was drenched in rain and seemed to be lost. She talked in a feeble doubtful voice. All he could make out was that she was asking him for an address. He asked her to speak up and he heard her say his wife's name. "Please do come in, I will get her. Please be seated." She seemed very relieved to know she was at the correct address finally. Being aware of her state, she kept standing while she waited for him to fetch his wife. He went to the room and said to his wife "Someone is here to see you." He said and jumped into the bed. He was so sleepy that he wasn't even interested to know who it was or why the lady had come at such an odd time. 

"Me?" She asked herself while she ran down the stairs. She wondered who would come to see her at this time. A surprise awaited her near the door.

"Riya…! What a surprise!" She went to hug her. Riya's eyes bloomed when she finally met her once-upon-a-time best friend. 

"I am sorry for visiting you at this odd time. I need your help." 

"I will get you a towel, my god you are drenched. You will catch a cold." 

She ran inside. Riya felt relieved to know that the dampness which covered her face due to rain hid her helpless tears which were just beginning to form. She just stood there restlessly shivering.  Knowing that her friend didn't change even a little in all these years gave her much-needed reassurance after one of the worst days she ever had. She remembered the motherly love and care she always showed her when they were seemingly inseparable years ago. Riya was of the same age as Maya. Neither of them forgot the childhood days they spent together. Riya was a neighbor who became her best friend eventually. They got separated when Riya's family had to move to a different place due to unavoidable circumstances. It was only when Riya told her she got to know that she lost her parents around that time.

She bought some towels and gave them to her. "Please help yourself. You are going to fall sick otherwise." She sounded excited too to see her friend after their accidental encounter during her recent vacation. She had so many questions in her mind but she kept them with herself as it was evident that Riya was in some kind of distress. 

"Riya.. bathroom is over there. Feel free to freshen up. Take a shower if you want. Or you can just change. Whatever comforts you. I will make you some tea." She complied. 

Back in their room, he couldn't sleep due to being interrupted. Natural curiosity about the visitor who had come to visit his wife at an odd time grew gradually within him. He went down to have a word with his wife. He didn't see the visitor in the living room. He assumed she had left. He went to the kitchen and his wife was busy preparing tea. He hugged her from behind and asked "Who was it dear? Why did she come at this time?

"You remember? I had told you about a friend that I had met when we were on our vacation?"


"Riya, my old friend is here. She seems like she needs some help. She is changing. I am making some tea for her."

"Is she alright?" 

"I don't know, she seems stressed. I will ask her to stay here for tonight. Is that fine?"

"Honey, what kind of question are you asking? It's totally fine! Let me know if you need anything. I am going back to bed."

"Good night, love." She kissed him good night.

Riya came back from the shower and Maya served her tea. 

Riya said with a tensed look and weak voice "I can't thank you enough dear. You are my savior today!"

"It's fine Riya. Look, you seem very stressed. I will prepare something for you. You eat it and sleep. We will talk tomorrow. You need to rest."

With that, Riya could no longer control the tears she was holding with great difficulty. All she could do was muffle her cry while she hugged her friend. She never thought she would meet her in such a helpless state. Maya took her in her arms and consoled her while she felt a drop of tear moisten her shoulder where Riya's face laid. She tried consoling her.

"Riya, don't cry. Now that you are here, you are safe. I am here for you. I will help you with whatever that you are going through. But first, listen to me. I will get you something to eat. If you want to tell me what happened, you can tell me. But you need sleep. Got it dear?" 

She nodded. They didn't talk much. Riya had dinner and went to bed. The next morning, Maya decided to take a day off to figure out the situation with Riya. Riya woke up in the morning and found that Maya was in the kitchen.

"Riya, hope you had a nice sleep. You look better now. Here take this." She handed her a cup of coffee.

"Sorry, I slept in late. Oh my god! Don't tell me you didn't take a day off because of me!"

"How can I leave you alone at home in this condition dear. Don't worry, I didn't feel like going to work today. We are seeing each other after a long time."

"I am in a very bad situation dear. I just wanted to escape that place. I hated that place"

"I know Riya. You told me about leaving when we met there. Do you want to tell me what happened?"

"I don't want to go into details because I hate to even think about it. To summarise, my boss was an asshole. He made some advances towards me. But I didn't like him and he started pestering me. I couldn't find another job there because it was a small community and he had bad-mouthed me almost everywhere." She sighed helplessly.

"I was working as a helper in the resort's kitchen, doing cleaning and stuff. It was hectic work already. On top of it, it got stressful everyday because of this idiot boss. I don't even have any savings. I was living paycheck to paycheck. I came here to look for some work and I didn't get any. With no place to stay and not much money, without anyone who would take me, I came here dear. I am broke, dear. I have lost all hope. I don't know what to do." She stopped trying to hide her tears and started crying openly.

"Oh, come here dear." She reassuringly hugged her. 

"We are here for you. We will figure something out. Please don't cry!"

"I don't have anyone. I am a loser."

Maya avoided questions about her relationship as that would make her even sadder. She felt helpless. 

"You have me, Riya! Did you come all the way just to tell me that you don't have anyone?"

"Sorry, dear. I didn't mean it! You are the only one I have now."

"That's better. Then do you have any other option other than listening to me?"

"I guess not," she said helplessly and with embarrassment.

"Good. Then let's wait till my husband comes. Let's sit together and find a solution. Fine?"

"Ok, I guess." Riya hugged her again.

"But, your husband… hope he is fine with me coming here and all."

"Don't worry, dear. He is ok."

After some time her husband came home from his morning jog. 

"Riya, this is my husband, Neil." She quickly introduced him.

"This is my friend, Riya." She told Riya's ordeal to him in a nutshell while Riya sat there biting her lips. 

"Riya, I am sorry for what happened. But it's not the end of the world. You need to be hopeful. There are tons of other places where you can work. We will help you get a job. You can stay here as long as you want. There is absolutely nothing you need to worry about."

"What if I don't get a job?"

"Well then, we will look for something that you can do which would help you get one. There is plenty of stuff you can study." He said.

"I don't know what to say. I am just being a burden on you both." Her weeping continued.

"You are very stressed and disoriented. That's why you are speaking like this. Give it some time and think over it, Riya. You are not a loser. You are a brave lady." Maya said.

"Yes, Riya. Think over it. Don't make any sudden decisions. We are here for you."

"I am getting late to the office. Sorry guys." He ran upstairs.

"Riya, I am glad you came here. You can stay here. We could use some company. Forget everything that has made you happy till now in your life. Let's start over. What do you say?"

"I need some time I guess, dear."

"Take all the time you need. Come with me, I will help you unpack and show you your place."

Riya was slowly getting back to normal and to understand the fact that the only option she had was to stay with her friend and gather her life back. She didn't remember when was the last time she slept in a room which was as big as the one she was currently in. With a huge bed, a wardrobe, a TV, a huge bathroom it resembled one of the resort suites she earlier worked in. She came from such a poor background that these basic amenities seemed like pure luxury to her. She finished her morning routines and went to the kitchen where Maya was busy.

"Riya, hope the room is comfortable. If you need anything just ask me."

"It's more than sufficient for me dear thanks. Your house is huge."

"While cleaning it seems even bigger." She smiled sarcastically.

"Can I ask you something dear?"

"Yes Riya, anything!"

"As long as I stay here, I would want you to let me do all the chores. That's the least I could do for you. Please."

"You can help me with stuff, sure. But all the chores? It will be difficult. I want you to focus on your job search thing."

"It's not big for me dear. I have been doing this always. Please let me do this. Otherwise, it's difficult for me to stay here being a burden on you both."

"Ok as you wish but please don't use the word burden again. Ok?"

They both sat at the dinner table doing their girl's talk.

"Sorry, dear. Thanks. From the time I came yesterday night, we have been talking only about my pathetic life. What about you?"

"Touchwood everything is smoothly going. I fell in love with Niel after college and we married. He is a great guy. I am lucky to have him. Even though it's not required, I work to keep myself busy."

"I am happy for you, dear." Her head lowered in embarrassment.

"Sorry, didn't mean to rub it on your face. Riya."

"No, it's fine. I am happy for you. But sometimes I wonder why my life is so difficult for me?"

"Now that you are here, I and Niel will help you make it better."

As the day passed, they both exchanged their memories of childhood and laughed together. Even though it was saddening for Riya to hear Maya's happy life, she showed more and more interest in her life. She told how she ended up with Niel.

"You both make such a good pair dear. I am happy for you."

"Yes, Riya. I am lucky I landed a guy like him. He is handsome, he loves me so much. He makes me so happy. He understands me a lot. He has helped me through some bad times before we got together."

"I hope one day my life will be happy like yours dear."

"It will be dear. You are young. You look good! Maybe you haven't had good food for some time. You are lean. I will make sure you will eat more from now."

"I don't know how to thank you, dear. And also Niel. Please thank him too for me."

"You can thank him yourself once he is back!"

After that, Maya sat with Riya and tried finding some job openings online. She tried to make good use of the free time she had at hand. Riya was overwhelmed by the support she was getting from her friend. Both didn't realize the time passed as they kept talking about their memories and getting back on track to the job hunt. It was almost evening.

"Dear, Let me prepare dinner tonight, please!"

"Not tonight Riya."


"We have some plans, dear"

"You guys are going out?"

"Yes but it's not just we. It's us. We all are going out."

"Why me?"

"You just have to come with us. It's been a long time since we went out for dinner. It's Friday and we wanted to go anyway."

"Then you both please go. I don't want to be the odd one between you."

"Riya! God. It's just dinner. We go out frequently. It's not a big deal. It will be a good change for you. We can talk, eat, drink, and have fun."

"Ok… but…"

"Ok, Niel will be here soon. He will pick us. Ok?" Riya disappeared upstairs.

Riya sat there wondering what she was getting into. She already had a feeling that she was being a burden on them. On top of that, she was feeling kind of embarrassed to be the one to spoil the fun the couple was having. At that time, Maya suddenly came into her room.

"Riya, do you need something to…" she paused abruptly sensing Riya may not be in a position to answer her questions.

"What happened Riya, are you Ok?"

"Yes dear, honestly I just felt like I am spoiling the privacy you have."

"Ok. If it matters that much to you, you don't have to do this. We just planned to chill with you. We do this regularly with friends all the time. But it was getting kind of busy lately for both of us. You were just the trigger who made this happen. I am glad this happened. So there is no question of privacy and all here. Ok?"

"OK, sorry. I will come."

"Now that's like it. You don't have to ask sorry for everything dear! Now the reason I came down here was to ask you if you need something to wear."

"I guess I have some stuff. I will manage it."

"Ok cool. Get ready quickly." She again ran back upstairs.

"Riya, all set? Niel is here." Riya heard after some time. 

"You both look great." Niel complimented as he kissed his wife. Even though she was wearing the best she had, the difference in their appearance was striking.

They all sat in his SUV and Niel drove. 

"So this place serves very good Tandoori delicacies." The couple got busy talking as Riya looked around the spacious SUV. Coming from a very modest background, this was as luxurious as it could get for her. Along with being a burden and spoiling the fun for them, the striking difference in the class started haunting her. She uncomfortably sat in the back seat as her whole life took a back seat. But a weird feeling of safety also accompanied her where she was not in control of anything anymore. She was led by her friend and she seemed quite content about it. She comforted herself thinking that she had screwed her life herself the last time she took control of it. She tried to relax, taking a deep breath, and told herself, "Everything is going to be alright!"

Niel started feeling guilty for deserting Riya in the back seat. 

"Riya, all ok back there? You are so silent."

"Yes… I was just… looking at how huge this car is, to be honest." She replied without even gauging how silly it might sound to him. He laughed out loud for her embarrassment.

"So, have you been to this city, before?"

"Hmm, yes but a long time back. But don't remember much."

"No worries, your friend here knows every street, hotel, bars better than me. She can help you better at finding a job for you." He chuckled.

That quick ice-breaker was followed by silence till they reached the destination. It was dark and Riya kept her gaze on the lights moving continuously outside the window. She lost herself in the thoughts of how her life, even though seemed temporary, changed in just a single day. Just the previous day, she was frantically running from building to building searching for a job on the very road she was riding now pleasantly sitting in the comfort of an air-conditioned, plush car. For a moment, she lived the life keeping aside the possible evanescence of the newfound happiness. The car halted and brought her back to reality. 

It seemed like a star hotel. The valet took the keys and another person guided them to an elevator lobby. The butterflies returned to her stomach. It was a kind of hotel she never even dreamt of working in, let alone dining in one. Her conscience was screaming at her reminding her how she lacked the moral obligation of being in a place like that. In the elevator, she whispered into Maya's ears.

"Isn't this very expensive?"

"Common Riya. It's fine. It's not like we come here every day."

There was no way Niel couldn't have heard the conversation in that elevator.

"Besides, your friend can easily afford to dine here every night!" Niel chuckled flirtatiously. Even though they both thought Riya wouldn't notice, she didn't miss it when Niel tapped on Maya's ass playfully. 

"Niel…!" Maya said with a nervous and muffled scream indicating him to keep his hands to himself.

They sat at the table and ordered a few rounds of cocktails first. Riya just kept listening to their conversations without trying to interrupt them. Maya seemed to be drinking more than she should and started getting more and more talkative. Niel interrupted her flow trying to bring Riya into the conversation sensing her being uncomfortable. 

"Riya, I am so sorry, I just… didn't have a drink for quite some time. I just want to get hammered."

"It's ok. I understand." Riya was in no way in any position to advise her. She just sat back and felt happy about her having fun. Niel didn't go beyond a cocktail as he was supposed to drive. Riya was again lost in her thoughts amidst the conversation they were having. The thought of being on the other side of the kitchen in such a posh restaurant was thrilling and humbling at the same time. It was just the first day for her with them and it had already started to overwhelm her. She lost track of what she was eating while she was torn between a plethora of contrasting thoughts and memories of her hardships as a poor girl working in a restaurant kitchen.

"So Riya, how are you feeling? How is the food?" He asked. He sounded very unnatural as if he was just talking with her to make her comfortable. Yet, his attempt to empathize with her encouraged her to talk more.

"To be honest, this is the first time I am dining in such a place. Food is delightful. There is so much stuff to eat and I am done. I just don't know how thankful I am to you both for doing all this."

"This is probably a thousandth time you are thanking us. So I think we are even there." It seemed like alcohol was slowly seeping into Maya's head as she was ominously silent. They finished their dessert and decided to leave. They headed back to the exit where the valet had their car ready. It was raining heavily. Maya thought it was best to sit with Riya at the back. Riya sat there watching the raindrops sliding through the window glass. The silence and warmth in the cabin, the fragrance of expensive perfumes and the smell of upholstery, the feeble sound of jazz music coming from the speakers which she couldn't locate, blurred vision of passing neon lights from the street outside created an atmosphere filled with grandeur which, until the previous day, was only an inconceivable dream to her. As the raindrops splattered from all sides, Maya dozed off next to her. She appeared to be slowly leaning towards her. As Riya anticipated, Maya's swaying head slowly took support on Riya's shoulders. An unexpected sense of belongingness which she had never experienced in the past hit her suddenly and veered the motion of her chain of thoughts. She adjusted herself to give Maya's head more support. Riya couldn't control her eyes being moist. So much had happened in just a matter of hours that she couldn't focus on anything.

Niel saw his wife resting on Riya's shoulders in the mirror and spoke to Riya in a tone of excitement.

"Oh, I think she is a little more hammered than usual. I think she was too tired. Hope that's alright. Are you OK back there Riya? I mean if you want to sit here and give her some space if it's uncomfortable for you there."

"No, it's completely fine! No problem!"

"We will be there in 5 minutes"

"Yeah sure. It's totally cool."

They reached home and they both helped Maya out of the car. He helped Riya upstairs. Riya went back to her room to freshen up. After she came back she saw the kitchen light glowing and went to see if Maya was back to thank her for the night. But to her surprise, she saw Niel.

"You need something?" Niel asked her. 

"No, I just saw the light on and I came to switch it off. Do you want some help? You are preparing something?" She asked.

"Oh no, It's just.. nothing. Preparing some sandwiches, in case, you know, if she wakes up in the middle of the night. She didn't eat properly. So I guess she might get hungry. So.. that's all. I can do it. You can go rest. It was probably too tiring for you today." She nodded and started walking back to her room when she heard him again.

"Riya, just so you know, she told me about everything that you've been going through. I must say, it's very brave of you that you are holding up pretty well. And all I wanted to say is that there is nothing wrong with seeking out help. That's what friends and family are for. These difficult times sets us apart from others. So I just want to tell you that we are here for you."

"Thanks, Niel. Your words mean a lot to me!"

"And you know what, my wife is so happy that you are here. Recently her best friend moved out of the country and she has been a little dull. Yesterday was the first time we went to dine outside after her friend's send-off party."

"Glad to know. She never told me. At least one good thing that has happened from me being here."

"Don't say that. Everything is happening for good. Ok sorry for keeping you awake. You have a good night."

"Good night and thanks for everything. Dinner was awesome."

She walked back towards her room while thinking about how lucky her friend was to have such a caring person with her all the time. His encouraging words, his caring nature, his soft confident voice captured her mind. Even though Maya had spoken to her in a very similar reassuring manner, his words somehow seemed to be having a very positive effect on her. She couldn't figure out if it was his soft confident voice coupled with his aura of coolness or that he was almost a stranger who could add an unbiased opinion on her current situation. But, for her, from the moment she entered that house, every positive thing she saw gave her negative memories from her past. And that previous conversation she had with him wasn't an exception. It reminded her of her failed relationships and disturbed her temporary bliss. She stood helplessly near the window and watched it rain over the expansive lawn as the darkness closed in and her past began to haunt her. She went back to her cozy bed and curled up into her warm blanket and tried to sleep.

It was well past midnight and Maya woke-up from what seemed like a mild hangover. Her husband was in deep sleep. She got up to quench her thirst and there she saw the plate with the sandwich that he had made for her. It was exactly what she needed at that moment. She ate it quickly and came back to bed. As soon as she realized that she was in the same dress she went to dine in, she undressed herself to make herself comfortable. She missed his touch badly. She snuggled up into his blanket and took shelter in his warm folded arm. "What a night it was!" She thought to herself. He felt her beside him and threw his arm around her and hugged her from behind and tightly spooned her whilst still asleep. It was such a wonderful feeling for her. Interrupted from sleep, all she wanted now was a handful of him and be a handful in his hands. But, at the same time, she didn't want to wake him up. So, she just laid beside him, thinking about what he would do to her if he was awake. She thought to beg for punishment for her bratty behavior. She knew that he gave her full freedom to drink, but yet, she thought that would have made a good case for some naughty punishment. And some good old spanking always laid the foundation for steamy hot sex. Her hand went slowly towards her pussy and started touching herself. After some time she felt him move and gently whispered to check if he was awake.


"Maya", he whispered. She realized that he was more than just awake when she felt his hardness behind her.

"You are awake, you naughty Master!"

"You guessed right, you bad slave!"

"I know I have been bad. But let me just thank you for the dinner, my Lord! It was awesome." She snuggled to him and pressed herself to him even more tightly to feel him more on her soft rear.

"You didn't eat much. You had a bit more drinks I guess. There is a sandwich I made for you. Have it my love." He caressed her hair while he softly whispered into her ear.

"I had it, my lovely hubby. Thanks for that." She kissed his arm.

"Master. I am sorry I drank too much, Sir." She said pressing her ass against him. 

"It's totally fine…" he whispered.

"I've been a very bratty today, sir."

"No, you are fine, girl." He spoke downplaying her behavior.

"Sir…?" She spoke hesitantly.

"What do you want, slave?"

"Please punish your girl for her bratty behavior, Master. Please spank her, Lord." He ignored her but she didn't stop luring him.

"I even slept with you fully clothed, sir! What a bad girl I am? A slave wife like me should be always kept in check by regularly disciplining her, Sir!" She kept rubbing her ass to his dick to invite him to desecrate her.

"What's better than a nice over-the-knee spanking to remind a slut-wife like me about her place, Sir? Am I right? My King?" He just responded with an indifferent "hmmm…" She took his hand and guided him through her hips to her freely hanging breasts.

"Have I been such a disappointment that my Master is not even interested to pull me back on track? My lovely King? Have I been such a bad wench for you? my Sir? You have given me so much freedom that I don't deserve. You have let me be free. You have not kept me like a house-slave, cleaning and cooking for you which I truly deserve. But yet I behave like this and let you down. Sir"

"No dear, nothing like that. You are good."

"Then why don't you show your girl what she deserves, my Owner! Paint me red my Lord! I am craving for the pain that you bless me with. Show me how much more I am than a simple wife. Sir"

"You are taking it too far, Maya. You will regret it." He whispered in her ears with a cunning grin.

"You call me Maya. Then treat me like Maya too. Please make me regret it. My owner! Please!"

He choked her from behind and whispered in very close proximity to her ears.

"Now that's it. Listen here you little filthy cunt. Now I am going to the bathroom. When I am back, I want you bent on the bed with your legs spread. Your bra and panties will stay. Do you understand? You cheap fuck-toy? I will make you regret waking me up and luring me into spanking you, you worthless cheap cunt." His grip on her throat seemed to be tightening with every word he spoke. Her cunt was already wet listening to his verbal abuse. It was all music to her ears. Her body was waiting for abuse. She had other things in mind than obeying his words. But she was not disobeying him to displease him. She knew he would be ok with a little bit of deviation as long as it was fun for him. Instead of taking her position on the bed as he ordered, she knelt near the bathroom door. She quickly adjusted her bra to present her perfect rack and kept her hands at the back. Her gaze was pinned to the floor. She waited patiently for him to appear. She hopes to get more punishment with that but she wanted to suck him off first.

He came in front of her. She slowly raised her face and looked at her God. The look in her eyes was itself sufficient to convey what she wanted to beg him. Devotion, admiration, helplessness, and submission towards him overflew in her gaze.

"My Lord, please let me suck your dick first. Your girl is hungry for your cock, my God. My ass is anyway yours to punish. Please let me worship you first before you plunder my ass, my Owner. Please, I beg you, plunder my throat first." She spoke looking at him with her sissy look as he came out.

"Hmm. Your disobedience is at an all-time high. You will pay for this. Go ahead cunt. But remember one thing. Your ass will suffer more." He caressed her face as he spoke.

"Thank you, my King. My body will always enjoy under your assault, never suffer, my Lord." She undid his shorts and immediately took his shaft into her mouth and started sucking it. She wanted all of it in her. Even that salty taste of his tip didn't disgust her. She kept sucking the tip as he controlled her movement by gripping a handful of her hair. She locked her eyes onto his as she sucked his salty tip dry. She then made love to his whole length deep-throating herself with his abundant manhood. She went under his dick and embraced his balls with her open mouth. After some time he yanked her hair signaling to stop her. 

"Come here, you wench. Take the position there. Bend for me."

"Sure, My Lord, anything for you, my God." 

She bent over the bed and spread her legs just as he ordered. No matter how well she spread her legs, she knew that she couldn't escape that ritualistic slap he gave which signaled her to spread her more. Nor did she want to escape that slap. 

"Here you go, my Lord. I am presenting myself to you, Your property, your slave, your personal whore, completely at your disposal, my King." There came that ritualistic slap that made her stretch even further. He held her panties and yanked them up and with the other hand, he adjusted the crotch portion of her panties such that the small piece of fabric went completely in her slit. The thin fabric was buried deep in her cunt when he pulled her panty hard and held it like reins. He ran his hand all over her cleanly shaven mound to make sure that the complete fabric disappeared into the depths of her moist womanhood. He rubbed harshly over her crotch and felt her flesh up good. She kept moaning out of the pure sensation of being roughly manhandled in her most sensitive area. It wasn't only her body that was bent to receive his sweet pain. Her emotions too bent for him and yearned for his complete domination over her. That was when he began his actual assault. While holding her panties in that position, he gave the first smack on her right butt cheek. He made sure to check her expression in the mirror that was facing them both. The reflection of her face was clearly visible even in the dim night lamp. It wasn't her ass that jiggled in response to his slap or her beautiful milky thick thighs which went weak and succumbed to the manly force that gave him the peak of his carnal pleasure. It was her face, it was her eyes. There wasn't an iota of pain in her eyes. All he saw was a look of pure pleasure and submissiveness in her eyes and a never-ending thirst for pain in her naughty smirk which played hide and seek on her lips. Even after so many years, it was a puzzle for him to see how she was aroused by such a sharp sting on her ass. He pressed his growing dick to her hip as he stood beside her and rained down a shower of smacks on her supple round milky ass. Within no time her ass went crimson. But it was well known to him that redness of her ass wasn't a sign to stop pulverizing her beautiful abundant rear. Every now and then he shoved his hands into her crotch to feel a good amount of her moist cunt. Every spank he gave was making her more moist. Every spank he gave pushed her more into the depths of submissiveness. She bent helplessly and took his assault like the strong woman she was. Without even showing a little care for the fact that they aren't alone in their house, she moaned freely to the point where it could easily wake up anyone sleeping in that house. With every spank, her noises got louder which forced him to unleash his next level of degradation on her. He paused briefly and told her, "I am not done with your ass yet, bitch." He yanked her panties down. Sudden emptiness in her wet vagina created an uncomfortable feeling in her. He took the panty and made it into a lump and yanked her hair to straighten her. 

"Open your mouth, slut" she complied, knowing what he was trying to do. He shoved the panty completely into her mouth. Her panties were dripping wet and she tasted her own juices helplessly.

"Now shut the fuck up and give me your ass you whore. This is what you are made for, my little fuck-toy. On my knees! Now! Slut." 

She dived into his lap and laid on his knees surrendering her fully naked, abused ass for another round of his carnage. His assault became more comprehensive as he bundled his verbal and physical abuse into one package and gave it to her mercilessly. At this point, she wasn't even herself and completely lost herself under his domination. She surrendered her very existence to him as she was reduced to being just an accessory to his pleasures and fantasies. She was enjoying beyond words could ever explain. Her ever-increasing moistness, her muffled moans which turned into feeble whimpers, and the way she curved her thick ass and presented her rear in all its glory even after his violence acknowledged the fact that she enjoyed every bit of it. She laid there on his lap receiving his full-scale carnal rage, welcoming his real punishment for her pretend brattiness. He seemed to slow down after every inch of her flesh was covered with criss-cross patterns of crimson. He paused and just sat there with her still on his lap completely exposed for him. He devoured her shapely thick fleshy ass. He admired his art on her flesh. He caressed her soft welted skin. He had taken the utmost care not to be too hard while spanking.

"Stand up." She immediately complied.

"Turn around." She turned around and stood near him within his hand's reach, knowing he would want to admire his work. She stood there with her head hung down giving him a clear view of her well-abused rear. He didn't order her to take the panty out of her mouth as he knew she would need it when he starts fucking her. He took his time caressing her curvy butts and admiring what he owned. "This is what you get for waking me up in the middle of the night and begging me to spank your sorry ass. Pet." He grabbed her waist and pulled her to his lap. Her bare ass hit his skin as she sat on him. Her head was hung in shame with her vision pinned at the floor. He cupped her bra-covered tits and squeezed them. He could feel her moistness on his thighs. She stretched her shoulders straight and made her boobs available for him with pride. He unhooked her bra from behind and her milky globes stood in front of him with all their glory ready to be mauled. Whenever he undid her bra and let her puppies free, there was that rare combination of pride and feministic shyness in her eyes which was so arousing. Sitting on his lap like a little girl, knowing that her wetness was turning him on was making her very horny.  He groped her pussy with one of his hands and cupped one of her breasts with the other as he spoke. For her, it was an indescribable feeling when he grabbed a handful of her boobs. His groping was always a compliment to her which appreciated her femininity.

"Your panty stays in your mouth. Now, I will fuck the hell out of you. So you need it to keep your mouth shut. Got it pet?" She nodded as though she really understood the need of her mouth being gagged by her dripping wet panties. He took one of her breasts in his rough grip and started nibbling her boob. Her nipples were already as hard as they could get. She let out a gasp as he slowly consumed a big chunk of flesh. She closed her eyes and surrendered herself to his jollies. He mauled the other freely available breast in his other hand. With one breast pleasing his mouth and the other pleasing his hand, she sat there, proudly fulfilling the purpose of her existence. She missed addressing him "Master" or "Sir" which made her experience complete as her mouth was stuffed.

She was completely naked, powerless, and helpless. He stood up and she stood up with him. He denied her the pleasure of being kissed by him. Like a good slave she was, she took her position and bent on the bed. She knew he was going to fuck her mercilessly now. So she saved him the effort of ordering and embraced her destiny of being his fuck-doll. She kneeled on the edge of the bed and leaned forward. She raised her hands and adjusted her hair and looked back at him to check if he wanted to take her hair. She exactly knew how he would want to devour her. He held her hair in his hand and she bent forward making herself completely available for him. Her hunger was such that only he could satisfy her.  He tapped her hips to signal her not to spread her legs. He wanted her pussy extra tight. Her swollen abused moist cunt peeped out as she bent into position. He ran his hands over her moistness. He gripped her hair and teased her by touching his tip to her pussy. Her hunger for his cock was immeasurable and she wanted him fully inside her. But she couldn't even beg him. She bent even more and laid her shoulders on the bed and freely rested her hands on either side. He stopped teasing her and slowly slid his dick into her wet thirsty pussy. Her whimpering was barely audible for him because of the happy squelching sounds her pussy was making. He always paid attention to every inch of her hungry body while devouring her femininity. While he fucked her slowly, he took time to fondle everything that he could reach on her body. He loosened his grip on her hair and lowered his hands to her shoulders. He put his complete weight on his hands and pressed her back while he thrust deep into her. While being pinned down heavily by his weight, all she could do was moan helplessly as her dripping wet pussy was violated by his full-length shaft. He slowly ran down his hands to her side boobs and then back to her waist. A quick and hard squeeze to her fleshy waist and that is where his hands parted ways with each other. One went down her pussy and one came to her burning ass. He leaned a little forward and reached her pussy with one hand. He started rubbing her clit as he continued plundering her. "I don't want you to cum yet", he commanded knowing that stimulating her clitoris would transcend her self-control.

He then held both her forearms and placed them on her lower back and pulled her so that her whole upper body was suspended in the air. He took complete control of her freely available body and kept ramming her. With complete disregard for her comfort, he fucked her mercilessly in that position for quite some time. His cock was only getting harder and harder just as her pussy got wetter. She absolutely went blank with no thoughts in her head. She completely seemed to ignore all the discomfort she was in and enjoyed the moment with her eyes closed. There was nothing more arousing to him than to see her totally enjoying what he was giving her. He slowed down gradually and pulled himself out from her. But he wasn't yet don't with her. He nudged her hip slightly and she rolled on the bed and laid facing sideways. He lowered himself and whispered to her. "Are you ready to let go of your gag?" She nodded her willingness. But she wasn't desperate to lose it as it dampened her moans very effectively. He removed her panty from her mouth. "Thank You, my Lord", she whispered. Ignoring her gratitude, he resumed his manhandling on her. While pinning her on the bed sideways, stretched her ass cheeks and buried his dick deep in her pussy, and started plundering her as she laid on the bed on her hip. She tried to control her moaning as much as possible but it was not effective as the gag he had her on earlier. Her boobs which hung freely invited his hands. He grabbed her tit with a harsh grip and continued pounding her. She could hear the thumping sound of his abdomen hitting her ass as he thrust into her deeply.

There wasn't an inch of her body which he hadn't claimed for himself. As their bodies hit each other in pure animalistic demeanor, they mutually connected deeply within to a degree that seemed almost spiritual, to a point where the distinction of her submissive and his dominant sides disappeared and converged to a dimensionless point. He came and poured into her depths uninhibitedly. Both forgot themselves and the physical world around them and surrendered themselves to the carnal fire that had engulfed them completely. They had become one. He collapsed beside her and spooned her tightly while still buried deep into her. He cupped her bosoms and kissed the back of her neck passionately. She could still feel him dripping inside her. Overwhelmed with the satisfaction of draining him completely, she pressed herself against his still hard dick. 

There were moments like this for which she would do anything. Even if it meant losing her freedom and becoming his slave. The time seemed to have stopped around them and the physical boundaries of their bodies seemed to have dissolved into thin air. Words seemed very unnecessary and in all honesty, there were no words that could express the vastness of love for each other they were experiencing. Hence, they let the silence rightfully invade. Both were panting heavily and closed their eyes. They snuggled tightly and went to sleep.


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